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Movies providing veterinary surgeons and students, grooms and horse owners more ‘insights inside’ the foaling mare.

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For veterinary surgeons, students, grooms and horse owners.

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Over 50 film sequences and 3D movie animations illustrating the normal intra-uterine development of the foal, the normal progression of stages 1, 2 and 3 of parturition and the associated abnormalities, prolapse of the bladder, uterine torsion and many other complications pre- and postpartum, including malpostures and malpresentations, obstetrical manipulations, foetotomy, cesarean section, and more.

All details thus captured were checked by renowned specialists in equine obstetrics, and scientific considerations prevailed in the design.

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More then 25 postures and repositions.

Dystocia simply means difficulty foaling, occurring
either in the first or second stage of parturition. During

a normal foaling the mare will become restless as

stage one starts, her contractions begin and the fetus

changes position so that its head and forelimbs are

in the birth canal. This can last between 1 – 4 hours.

Stage I ends when the waters break

Watch a full Cesareansection.

The main goal of Caesarean section is to save the mare’s life. Having said that, where once there was almost no expectation of achieving a live foal with emergency caesarean section, in recent years, this situation has improved. The survival rate of mares was similar with each procedure at just over 80%. Foal survival was better with controlled vaginal delivery with which 41% foals survived. Following caesarean section, 19% of foals lived.

caesarean section
Lear more about twins in equine pregnancies.

Hopefully twins will have been detected early on in the pregnancy but if not then this can cause problems if they are both in the birth canal together. Mares have a twin pregnancy rate of between 3 and 30% depending on the breed of the horse.



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