A DVD was created in a collaboration between The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ghent, Utrecht University, Ohio State University and the University of nantes.   Suitable for practitioners, students, research workers, grooms and horse owners.   The goal of the DVD was to create a model to visualize the entire birth process from Stage I through Stage III.   All details were checked by renowned specialists in equine obstetrics, and scientific considerations prevailed in the design.  Availble in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.   The texts are also available in Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese.

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Twins develop subsequent to multiple ovulations. Multiple ovulations are related to breed, parity, and mare history.

Twin pregnancies result in high rates of abortion, stillbirth, and neonatal mortality.
Upcoming video’s will be about twin reduction and the early stages of embryonology.

Multiple ovulations are most frequently seen in Thoroughbred and Draft mares. Multiple ovulations are more common in barren and perhaps maiden mares than in lactating mares, and they are more common in certain individual mares.
Mares have an efficient natural embryo-reduction mechanism to eliminate excess (greater than 1) embryos resulting from multiple ovulations. Natural embryo reduction is more successful in unilateral than bilateral twin pregnancies (89 per cent versus 11 per cent successful reduction, respectively).


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    The entire production comes along with voice-overs in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Subtitling and texts are available in Arabic, Dutch, Estonian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

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    Currently we have about 2 DVD’s worth of content.
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